2013/14 General Meetings

Sep 16 Jackie White: Art Quilter with 3D Embellishments

Oct 21 Gail Gallow & Yvette Fournier: Quilting in the Arctic

Nov 18 Jennifer Houlden: Landscape Art Quilts

Dec 16 Helen Fujiki: Doorways to Japan

Jan 20 Mary Light (Guild Member): Quilting Journey Trunk Show

Feb 17 Hands on Night for Community Projects

Mar 17 Pat Kalapacca (Guild Member): My African Experience

Apr 21 Peggy Nagle: UFO Coach

May 21 Annual Meeting & Early Year End Celebrations

Jun 16 Daphne Greig: A Quilter’s Adventure

Program activities

The Program Committee of the Guild strives to present a variety of activities during the Guild Year.

The speakers for the general meetings are chosen to represent different interests and techniques.

During the 2011/12 Guild year we welcomed Elizabeth Dillinger quilt artist, Cathy Miller the singing quilter, Michelle Dunn with African and Janpanese fabrics, Dwayne Wanner modern quilts, Johanna Masko on using scraps and Martha Schillingerhoud's trunk show with ideas for quilting as you go.

Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller the singing quilter

Dwayne Wanner

Dwayne Wanner modern quilts

Martha Shillingerhoud

Martha Schillingerhoud's trunk show with ideas for quilting as you go

We also like to highlight a guild member, and in 2012 Pam Baker of Jonny Seww presented her products.

At least one meeting a year emphasizes "hands on" block production. Using a 4 patch alternating with a solid patch the guild members constructed 7 rag quilts in 2012 for community projects.

Please review the list on the right for our 2012/13 plans